Full Service Car Wash in Kokomo, IN 

Don't be fooled by the bright lights and stuffed animals of some of our competitors, our car wash services are top notch, quick and affordable!

  • Basic - $7 - Get in and get out with our basic wash. High quality wash that uses multiple types of soaps and an air dryer.

    • Vehicle is prepped by attendant.

    • Power spraying front and rear windshield, front and rear bumpers and rocker panels

    • Spraying for bugs and light tar

    • Attendant then mops the front and rear windshields, front and rear bumpers and rocker panels.

    • The vehicle is then pushed through the wash tunnel by a conveyor

    • The exterior is washed by a machine using a foaming soap and soft cloths. No bristles or hard brushes are used. 

    • A spot free rinse is applied and followed by blow drying.

  • The Global - $9 - Everything you get in a basic wash but also include our Wheel Cleaner, Underbody Wash, Buff and Polish and then finish off with an air dry. 

    • Everything included in the basic PLUS:

    • Wheel cleaner

    • Underbody bath

    • Sealer Wax
    • Buff and Polish
  • The Works - $10 - Comes with everything in the Global Wash but also includes rust protection! 

    • Everything included in the Global PLUS:

    • Rust inhibitor

Don't forget to ask about our car wash books! 


With every one of our car wash books, you get 5 washes for the price of 3! 

  • Basic Books - $20

  • Works Books - $30